Texas Bluebonnets Success!

I was really starting to get worried that Bluebonnets 2013 just wasn’t going to happen this year. Easter came and went, and there were no Bluebonnets to be found in the Dallas / Fort Worth area! The fields we usually go to, didn’t have a Bluebonnet insight – they looked like they had been mowed over or just didn’t grow correctly this year. We did have a late freeze, so maybe that is why?


Either way, I was getting disappointed I wouldn’t get the traditional texas bluebonnet photo of Lennox for this year. Thankfully, last weekend we attended Kyle’s mom’s wedding at the Gaylord Texan and since my mother in law works there, she let me in on the fact that they have a HUGE hill of bluebonnets growing – yes!

After the wedding, we headed over there and low and behold, a full hill of bluebonnets, and various other wild flowers

lennox-looking-at-bluebonnets lennox-2013-bluebonnetslennox-holding-bluebonnet lennox-kyle-bluebonnets-2013lennox-heather-bluebonnets-2013 Lennox told me they weren’t flowers… I had to prove her wrong. She had fun checking them all out and looking at all the ladybugs that were in the bushes.


And for the first time ever, we actually got a full family photo in the Bluebonnets. SUCCESS!


The top one is much more a classic smile, the bottom? Much more Lennox style!


I thought this photo was funny. It looks like Lennox is leading the Terrell gang back to the cars so she could go get some dinner! Enough is enough, time to eat! (See the hill of Bluebonnets in the background?)


If you are not familiar with the Tradition of the Texas Bluebonnets then make sure to check out my last two year’s posts about them – 2011 Photos | 2012 Photos | Texas Tuesday – The Bluebonnet Tradition Explained

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17 thoughts on “Texas Bluebonnets Success!

    1. Heather

      Yes, they are a weed/wild flower — but you can’t mow them over when in bloom – or you aren’t suppose to so they are pretty when you drive down the highway.

  1. Pris

    I’m dying to know where you found these, I’ve been searching in vain for them! I live near Grapevine and was going to head out and look for some…

      1. Pris

        Thank you! I stumbled upon your blog by chance by Google, and low and behold, another New Englander in Texas! We’re actually from Manchester, NH.
        We moved here October of 2011.
        We’re in the North Fort Worth Alliance/Keller area.
        Nice to make your acquaintance. 🙂

    1. shannon mcclure

      are they still tere as of 4/22/13? ive been searching & searching to find a place,we live in flower mound.thank you 🙂

      1. Heather Post author

        I’m not sure – this was a week ago so i’m not really sure if they are. I’m sure they are still there just not sure how the blooms are looking.


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