BlogHer ’13 Monthly Link Up: Roommate Edition

Another month has flown by, so it’s time for the BlogHer ’13 Link Up Party! This month’s topic is about Roomies! If you are heading to Chicago for BlogHer ’13, make sure to join in on the fun!

BlogHer 13 Monthly Link Up

1. With whom are you rooming for BlogHer ’13? I am rooming with Diana from Down Home Traveler and Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle. We have room for 1 more person… we’re still looking!

2. How do you know these ladies? Are these new bloggers you’ll be meeting at the conference or old friends? I met Diana in 2002 (or 2003) at college. We were in the same English class, with some crazy teacher. We had to write a paper about someone else in the class. We ended up partners for that project and have been friends ever since (awww…). I only recently met Amanda in person. She is another Texan blogger. We met up at the DFW Christmas get together and then we also headed out of city limits for her daughter’s first birthday party a few weeks ago!

3. What are your typical sleep and wake times at home? Do you tend to be an early bird, a night owl, or somewhere in between? I used to stay up late, get up late but now that I have Lennox, I tend to go to bed between 10-11pm and get up around 7am.

4. Tell us about your bathroom habits. {Just kidding!!! …kind of!} What is your daily routine for getting ready for the day? How long do you typically take on make up, showering, hair, etc.? My daily routine is quick and simple. Take a shower, put my hair up in a ponytail/bun/braid  (or straighten it, if I washed the night before) and head out the door. I don’t wear makeup on daily basis (I may be the ONLY Texan that doesn’t!), so I can be ready pretty quickly (20ish minutes).

5. Do you plan to spend time at the conference with your roommates, or will you try to go off on your own? I will of course spend time with them! But I do plan on catching up with a lot of other bloggers I want to meet, as well as attend the sessions that make the most sense to me and any other nightly events. I am going to try the make the most out of my time there!

Head over to Nicole’s blog at The Kavanaugh Report or Jayne’s blog at The Naptime Organizer to see who else is going to BlogHer’13!

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6 thoughts on “BlogHer ’13 Monthly Link Up: Roommate Edition

  1. Diana

    YAY! I’m excited!!! Perhaps we can find a third roomie and even make a new friend in the process! It just dawned on me that we’ve known each other for 10 years…. is that even possible?!

  2. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    I’m rooming with ricka Dene’ Chatman of Erika Saves! Can’t wait to meet her and all of you! We are looking for another person if any one is interested!! I am arriving into Illinois on the 14th of July as my daughter got accepted for a summer program…


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