Catch the Moment << Installment Three <<

Month three of Catch the Moment is here! Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer has challenged everyone to grab their DSLR camera and catch some everyday moments. We sometimes get stuck only taking pictures during events or gatherings, why not catch the real moments of the day?

Here are some of my recent favorites:

I love taking close up pictures of flowers, singling out one particular flower. This one came out nice.


While at the park a few weeks ago for the Graco party, these bright balloons caught my eye. park-balloons

I’m not sure if there is anything better in the spring/summer than sidewalk chalk for a little kid… lennox-sidewalk-chalk

After a long week of crazy roid rage, tantrums, bronchitis and sleepiness, a rare calm moment before

Lennox was happy, but it sure looks like she is worried — look how big she is!
I, too, challenge everyone to grab their camera, and catch the moment during your everyday life! I would love to see the pictures you snap!

Catch The Moment
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18 thoughts on “Catch the Moment << Installment Three <<

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks, I am really happy with them now that I look back at them! Lennox and Braden are so similar… Sometimes they need a pause button!

  1. Shannon

    LOVE the balloon pic!! How pretty would that be blown up and framed – then with smaller closeups around it of the balloons? New theme for Lennox’s room!

  2. Mindi

    I love taking photos of flowers too! Spring is my favorite time of the year for that reason. well and fall is nice too with the foliage. Loving these photos. Especially love the last one of Lennox.

  3. Kat

    LOVE these shots! so sweet. So sorry about all the sickness but that moment with her laying down with a blanket is too sweet.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks 🙂 I try to keep my SLR camera out on the counter or within reach (but not by a toddler!!) so that I can snap more pictures rather than always using my iPhone camera!


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