Dr. “Stuffins” and Dr. Kollin!

Last weekend, my brother in law, Kollin, graduated from medical school. He is officially Dr. Kollin! We are so absolutely proud of him. Just a short 3 years ago, he was living with us trying to get into medical school for physical therapy; now he is graduated and a doctor! Way to go Kollin!!!

kollin-graduationThat being said, Lennox is SO EXCITED that he is a doctor. She was just over the moon when I told her he was becoming a doctor. So we headed to his graduation festivities and she of course had to bring her Doc McStuffin Doctor kit, because you know, she is a doctor too!

I asked Lennox if she was goign to go to school “here” too.. here as in UNT where we were attending the ceremony. She said yes, I said what type of doctor? She says, I’m already a doctor, Dr. Stuffins! Too cute.

So when we were at dinner, I told her to go up to Kollin and say, “You’re a doctor now Uncle Kollin, Yay!”. Instead? In front of everyone she says to him, “YOU’RE A DOCTOR LIKE ME NOW!” The mind of a toddler – it’s a funny place!


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