Go Fly a Kite!

We’re back from vacation and I have plenty of photos to share and a vacation re-cap, but until I get time to put that all together, I thought I would share a video from one of our Spring Bucket List items that we checked off the list while on Cape Cod; Flying a Kite!

This was the first time Lennox had flown a kite and I was so excited to see what she could do it on her own! Her kite was pink, of course, and had Cinderella on it. She would run after it saying, come back here Cinderel-y! I’m going to catch you, Cinderel-y!

I look forward to flying a kite again with Lennox – now that i know she can do it and loves it! Maybe we’ll head to the park this weekend with her princess kite! Have you tried this activity with your toddler yet?

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