International Dinner Night 2013

Friday night we headed back to Lennox’s Montessori school for the annual International Dinner Night. This is a yearly tradition that her school puts on. All the families are asked to bring a dish, and encouraged to have that dish represent the child’s heritage. This night always reminds me of how diverse Lennox’s school really is and how much she loves being there. She gets so excited when Mommy & Daddy come into school with her. She likes to show us everything, play extra with her friends and do everything she isn’t usually doing during the day (enter big kid play area)!

A few photos from the night, from around the grounds of school:


Standing on the big stump, I’m SURE she isn’t allowed to do this during the school day!


Lennox and her little friend Ava. She is so so sweet. She always comes and says hi to me each day and is very loving. They are two peas in a pod. 

Riding around on her bike. they have some funny looking bikes at her school, all different sizes for the toddlers – she loves them — we may have let her go down the hills with them, even though she isn’t allowed too 😉


These girls? They cause TROUBLE! This girl, has been her friend from day one. They have so much fun together, but they cause lots of problems too. They won’t let each other do their work, they argue, they push, they chase, they hug, they kiss and they laugh! Check out how little they were last year.climbing-wall


The the rock river and the climbing wall are always fun too! They are on the bigger kid side, so they don’t get to use them everyday, but they do love it and feel accomplished when they get all the way up!

I look forward to even more school events like these. It’s great to see Lennox with all her friends and get some time to talk to everyone’s parents.

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4 thoughts on “International Dinner Night 2013

    1. Heather Post author

      So i totally took the easy way out and just made a big fruit salad… BUT, it was completely gone by the end of the event, so that’s good!

    1. Heather Post author

      She is getting so big when I look at pictures of last years event! It’s a lot of fun to get all the families together!


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