Packing a Road Trip Box for Toddlers

Road Trips with Toddlers

A big thanks to my friend and fellow mommy, Shaun, from Living with Peanut for putting together this post on taking a road trip with a toddler! As we are traveling this week, many of these tips apply to us! Make sure to head over to Shaun’s blog and check out her ADORABLE daughter!

Hiya folks!

I’m Shaun from Living with Peanut, my lovely little corner of the internet where I talk about being a mom, raising Peanut, weight loss, and tons of random stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

A super huge thanks to Heather for having me guest post while she’s on vacation…lucky lady! Hope you’re having a great time!!


Last June, we had our first family vacation. We didn’t plan anything large as money was a bit tight but we definitely had a great time. We broke out all of Paige’s toys from her birthday, spent some quality family time together, took a trip to York’s Wild Animal Kingdom and did the tourist stops on the way home. To cap off our fabulous week, we brought Paige to Storyland.

Storyland is a 2-3 hour drive from our house, depending on which route you take. I had timed our departure so that we’d be leaving around lunch time and her nap would *hopefully* begin about halfway there ๐Ÿ™‚

I packed a box of goodies to help keep Paige entertained since I have an older car (no rear entertainment) and don’t have an iPad or portable DVD player.

I started with a small box (bigger than a shoe box). I loaded it with about 8-10 books – a variety of very simple books, touch and feels, to a multi-Princess story book. I also included some Dollar Tree flash cards, a small pad of paper and crayons, a small stuffed animal, and a fully-charged Kindle with kids book already loaded on it.


It definitely helped keep me and the husband sane during the 3 hour drive and kept Paige entertained in the motel room when the rain kept us stuck inside for a few hours.

Anytime we head out on a road trip, I’ll definitely be making one of these boxes to keep her entertained. It took only a few minutes to create!



What to Pack in a Road Trip Box

  • Shoebox or small box
  • books
  • favorite small toys
  • paper or coloring book
  • crayons (much safer than markers in the car!)
  • Dollar store goodies!

Thanks again, Heather! Feel free to swing by my blog, check me out on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or stalk me on Instagram (I have a really cute kid!)

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5 thoughts on “Road Trips with Toddlers

  1. Samantha

    We’ll be taking a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old on a road trip in July, and I’ll definitely be hunting for ways to keep them occupied on the trip! Thanks for the tips!


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