‘Roid Rage is Real Y’all

Prednisone. I hate you.

Lennox started not feeling well on Sunday. She was acting normal but started coughing and wheezing so on Monday once she got up (after 9:30am!) and I saw she was still feeling the same way, I got her into the Pediatricians office. They diagnosed her with Bronchitis and sent her home with an antibiotic and steroid.


Enter Prednisone. 

My happy go lucky child, who likes to sleep at night, watch movies, eat lots of yummy food… she disappeared! We went from this happy girl:


Then an extremely moody, crying, bouncing off the walls girl appeared.

During the day, she was quite the handful but I could handle it. But, the hard part? Nighttime/Bedtime. she was a hysterically crying, hyperventilating, screaming her head off, blubbering mess. Not just for 15-20 minutes cry it out mode. We are talking HOURS and HOURS! Something with that medication just made her go crazy. We tried it for 2 days and then I just had to quit it. Her little body, obviously can’t handle it right now

Thankfully, today she headed back to school and it sounded like the day went pretty well. It was school picture day too, so she got to dress up pretty (uniforms get boring!) and was ready to go (with her ducky of course). Bedtime? It went much better. She cried for a few minutes, but now she is sound asleep and getting some much needed sleep.

I’m so glad my happy girl is back and hopefully the coughing from Bronchitis will stop soon. I will be telling the pediatrician to put that on the “do not give….ever ever” list of medications! I don’t want Lennox to have to go through that again.

Roid Rage is Real Y’all!

Anyone else have a crazy experience with steroids and their children, or even themselves?

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10 thoughts on “‘Roid Rage is Real Y’all

  1. mel

    Poor lenox! We def know over here that this is a real term. Even w/o medicine, my kids have it,lol! I hope she is doing much better now!

  2. Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    Poor little girl! I’m so glad she’s doing better. I’ve always had respect for steroids, but I had no idea it could have that effect on kids. Scary! Thanks for the info..

  3. Censie

    Poor baby! THat stuff kicks in fast but really does a number on the body. Glad your sweet girl is back! lol Also…I adore her shoes!!!


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