A Gift for a Three Year Old

Lennox’s birthday is one week away – so it was time to get her gift from mommy & daddy. Each year we buy her one large gift rather than multiple small gifts.

When she turned one, we got her a KidKraft Play Kitchen (which is the best quality kitchen I have ever seen – love it!)

When she turned two, we got her a playground for the backyard. It was the biggest pain in the butt to put together, but she loves its, as does our dog, who now sleeps under it during the day.

So this year? We decided to go in together with Grandma & Papa and get her a gift that should make her loose her little mind 😉 A Hot Pink Barbie Power Wheels Jeep!


I can’t wait to see her cruising around the neighborhood in her car – I think she is going to have a blast, and since it holds up to 130 lbs, her neighbor friends can join in on the fun with her!

Videos to follow, I’m sure!

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11 thoughts on “A Gift for a Three Year Old

  1. Jill

    SHhe is going to LOVE it!! we dont own one but my neighbor does and my kids are always in it!! Shes going to be so excited!! PS Can you be my mom, you give awesome gifts!

  2. Shaun

    Paige has a Barbie car that her uncle got her last year for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! Hope Lennox enjoys her new ride!

  3. Diana

    That’s so awesome! I can’t wait to see Lennox (or a video) of her cruising around. I bet she’ll love it! Plus she’ll be able to drive it for a while!


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