An Almost Three Year Old…

lennox-summer-school-start-2013This girl? She is almost three years old! In just 2 short weeks, we will be kissing our 2 year old goodnight and she will wake up 3.!

I really realized this weekend though, how much she has changed all of a sudden. The way she thinks, acts, reacts and communicates; she is just so big. My neighbor said it well, you can see glimpses of toddler in her, but really she is more of a big girl than toddler.

She will tell you much more detailed stories, she is taking care of herself more and more, having conversations, compromising and arguing w/ her friends but the way she is thinking and responding amazes me.


Here she is on her brand new scooter. I was holding onto it for her birthday but decided to give it to her this weekend. All her friends in the neighborhood have one, so now she does too. I gave her the run down once, she stood with her hand on her hip and her leg out watching me, and then off she went. The mannerisms she is doing lately are hilarious. She is extremely animated while she talks; she is her father’s mini-me for sure – so dramatic 😉

We are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E in about 10 years!

I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring. It is very obvious that something in her little brain is changing as she turns 3, and where it will “land” for a while – I am interested to see!

What kind of changes did you see when your child turned 3?

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2 thoughts on “An Almost Three Year Old…

  1. Censie

    Unbelievable right? I was thinking about this on the way to work. This month my little man will also turn 3. It seriously goes too fast! I do love this age though! 😉


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