A Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Yesterday Lennox turned THREE, but last Saturday was her birthday party, a Lalaloopsy birthday party to be exact!

We had her birthday party at the neighborhood spray park and thankfully, although it was down to the wire, the rain held off and we had a great day for a party! Here are some photos from her party:



My little happy family!

We had a flameless candle for Lennox’s cupcake… not by choice, but because the lighter decided not to work! Oh well, time to use your imagination Lennox!


Lennox had a blast running through the water all morning!lennox-water

Not sure what she is doing here but she is having fun w/ a few of her friends!kids-playing-01

Also, a special thanks to Chobani for sending Lennox a bunch of Chobani Champion Yogurt Tubes instead of ice cream! They were a hit and all the kids loved them. I froze them prior to the party, but by the time they were getting passed out they had melted but were plenty cold, so it worked out!chobani

And now some of the details of the Lalaloopsy Birthday Party! We didn’t have a ton of decorations since I only had room on one table. But I pulled a few things together and I was happy with the way it all turned out!


I made this 3 from a wooden 3 I got at the craft store, painted it w/ acrylic paint and then used metallic puff paint to make the details. Remember puff paint? It was a childhood flashback! I also glued it onto that vase to keep it standing!Lalaloopsy 3rd birthday party number 3

lalaloopsy mini cupcakes

I made dozens and dozens of mini cupcakes. They were just the right size for the kids. They ate plenty of them each, but they finished them instead of having a few bites and running back to the water. I also made some cream cheese icing and dyed it purple. They were so yummy! I had a bunch of these cupcake toppers too – thanks to my neighbor who has cricut!


Party favors? I found Lalaloopsy coloring books at Target and the Dollar Store a while back, so I decided to dress them up in a way I found on Pinterest. I wrapped them with brown craft paper and then tied them with bakers twine and added some paper buttons! It did take a while to get them all done, but I love how they turned out!lalaloopsy party favors


I had seen something like this 3 on Pinterest at one point but I could never find it again, so I made my own Lalaloopsy 3 cutout and just framed it w/ some hot glued buttons – simple enough and cute. Lennox loves it and wants it in her bedroom now!

lalaloopsy 3 printable picture

Along with the cupcakes, we had strawberry/marshmallow kabobs, as well as melon kabobs. I cut flowers out of cantaloupe and honeydew melon, and then stars out of watermelon. Let me say, the watermelon was easy but the others? Not so much. Just go straight to the watermelon if you are ever going to do something like this! The kids loved them and they were so easy toe at on a popsicle stick!fruit

All in all, it was a successful and fun party for Lennox. She woke up the next day, asking for another party! We do have her family party this coming weekend but it wont’ be as big of an effort, because honestly? I don’t have the time or energy!

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15 thoughts on “A Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

  1. Meredith

    Everything looks so cute! I love it all! I can’t wait to do creative things like this. I need to get back on pinterest! How did she like the power wheels?


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