Montessori Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

Tuesday, on Lennox’s Birthday, she had her Celebration of Life at school. Instead of having “birthday parties” at school, they have this event called a Celebration of Life. This is a Montessori tradition. They focus on the accomplishments from the past year and encourage the child to talk about the past year with their friends and classmates.

We were asked to bring in photos from the past year of different accomplishments and fun things she has done. She showed all her classmates the pictures, it was so cute to see them all checking everything out.

This year, Kyle was able to come as well – which was great! She was so excited to have him there at school with her.
IMG_4709Here are the photos we put together for this year. Look how much she has grown since last year’s celebration of life.


After she was done talking with all of her friends – they stood around lennox and sang her happy birthday then she blew out her candles. There were four candles – one for birth and then each year of life. IMG_4723IMG_4722

All her friends gave her hugs after and then she ran up to her most favorite teacher, Mrs. Virginia and gave her a big hug – so sweet! She is going to be sad to be leaving those teachers in a few months when she moves up to the primary grade.IMG_4730Then it was snack time. They set up their special party table w/ flowers picked from their gardens. See those flowers out the window? They have grown a ton since gardening day a few months ago! The birthday child bring in snacks for their classmates for the celebration – she picked muffins, strawberries and blueberries!

The Montessori Celebration of Life is a fun tradition for the kids and it’s always nice to go into school with Lennox for a while and experience her classroom with her!

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