10 Things You Should Know About Me

Thursday I will be heading to the Windy City of Chicago for the very first time, for #BlogHer13. My bloggy friend (which I can’t wait to meet up with…!), Steph from A Grande Life started a link up about 10 Things You Should Know About Me! So here are some random facts. If you see me wandering around aimlessly, just grab my attention and ask me about them!


1. This will be my first BlogHer and pretty much my first real blogging conference. I have been to other big conferences (mainly SXSW) but this will be very different I assume! Can’t wait to experience it all!

2. I love to travel and hope to do A LOT more. I was lucky enough to travel some as a kid and my favorite city is still London (I’ve been there 3 times).

3. I couldn’t live without Chocolate. I even worked for 4 years at a homemade chocolate shop and ate SO MUCH CANDY! It was pretty amazing (to eat, not so much to work!).

4. My first big concert was Nsync and I loved it in every way possible. I also went to about 7 Nsync concerts – It was silly but so much fun at the same time. I’m going to go see Justin Timberlake with a few friends in December and I can’t wait!

5. I love movies but a few of my all time favorite movies would have to be “You’ve Got Mail”, “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” and “Old School” — all completely different and simple, but fun!

6. I’ve never seen Sixteen Candles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, all those type of “classic” girl movies from the past.

7. My favorite movie as a child was Drop Dead Fred. I tried to watch it now as an adult (It was streaming on Netflix) and I couldn’t even make it in 20 minutes! That made me kind of sad!

8. I work with a Gnome – interested? Ask me about it!

9. My daughter goes to Montessori school as you may already know, I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about Montessori and thought it was just silly until we had to find a new childcare provider for Lennox with 1 weeks notice and decided to go for a tour. Wow were we wrong about that. Best decision!

10. I may be a designer, but I’m by no means artistic or even that crafty. I didn’t go to art school, like many designers. I don’t know font’s and design-y stuff to the extent many of my co-workers/co-industry-mates? do. I can’t draw, I can’t paint, Art? No. Websites? Yes!

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7 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. Stephanie

    Great movie choices! But I can’t believe you haven’t seen Pretty in Pink! You should watch that on the plane to Chicago. Thanks for linking up!

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