Fearless of the Water!

Now that it is 100+ degrees everyday in Texas we have been bringing Lennox to neighborhood pools, daily. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that has a huge amenities center. We have a splash park (where Lennox had her third birthday party) and then we have a complex that has a zero entry pool, bucket spray park, 2 water slide pool, lagoon pool, kiddie pool and lap pool! It’s so awesome and I’m jealous that Lennox gets to grow up with this. Of course I’m doing it all with her now, but as a kid – it must just be AMAZING!

Heritage Bucket Spray Park Pools Keller


Since this was the first time in the pools this year, I didn’t know what to expect. She always clung on to us in past years. She started like that on day one this year, but only for about 2 minutes then she was off! We started with a swimsuit that had a float built into it, but quickly found out that a Puddle Jumper really is better for the pool.

Have you seen Puddle Jumpers? They are pretty awesome! They let kids swim around on their own. I don’t have to keep my hands on Lennox the whole time – which is really nice! We can swim around together.


So within the last 3 days, we have gone from Fearful to Fearless. By the end of the first day she was jumping off the edge of the pool into the 4 foot water without even thinking of it. She just loves it.

All is fun and games while she has her float on, but then on Friday night, she did something to try to give her mom a heart attack!

We were getting ready to go, picking up our towels and bag and she starts running over to the pool – I yell at her to stop and of course she just keeps going and jumps straight into the deep side of the slide pool – without any hesitation


This would have been ok since we saw her do it and the lifeguard was right there  but she didn’t have her float on! It was very scary to watch. I immediately dropped my stuff and jumped in after her. She of course, didn’t pop right up so she was scared and crying then said she didn’t feel good. She was fine and I got her out of the water within a few seconds – but if we hadn’t been watching, it could have been bad! The new rule? Leave the puddle jumper on until we leave the pool area completely!

We hear of sad news almost daily on the news of kids drowning in pools (the majority of people in our area have a swimming pool of their own) – it’s so scary! We will be making sure our eyes are ALWAYS on Lennox from now on!

And on a happier ending to this post, I have to share this picture. I call it the Heritage Gang Sign! haha. What a nut!


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9 thoughts on “Fearless of the Water!

  1. Shell

    Puddle jumpers are quite possibly my favorite invention ever- even though they do tend to give kids a bit too much confidence! Glad she was okay!

  2. Jenn L

    How scary! I hope your little one learned a lesson, and yikes – how scary for mom! We braved Sea World and a SUPER small hotel one about a month ago. It’s such a great way to beat the heat.

    1. Heather Post author

      I don’t know if she learned her lesson – we went again on sunday and it was ok, but I will be keeping the puddle jumper on!


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