Fort Worth Zoo on the 4th of July

Before heading to the Grapevine Fireworks on the 4th of July, we headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. Lennox woke up excited to head out to see the animals. She was decked out in red white and blue as well. Check out this cute dress that her Mimi made! I think the sunglasses just put the cuteness over the top!

IMG_5086 IMG_5094

We saw some of her favorite animals including the Meerkats….Meerkats at Fort Worth Zoo

The giraffes… the baby is getting big!Giraffes at Fort Worth Zoo

The “baby” (aka 17 years old) elephant. Her name is Bluebonnet and she was the first one born at this zoo. Her mama is there too who I believe is in her 40’s.Elephants at the Fort Worth Zoo


Every time we go to the zoo, we always take a picture with the elephants. It’s fun to have the same photos over and over to watch how Lennox has grown!


Lennox was so excited to see the Hippos!Hippo at the Fort Worth ZooLennox and I also went into the bird area and fed the parrots. Dad had to stay outside, I don’t think Lennox could EVER convince him to go in there. Lennox had fun feeding all of them too.


Lastly, before heading out – the zookeeper had a snake out and I was surprised that Lennox actually went up and touched it! Dad did too – mom on the other hand, I stayed way, thank you very much!IMG_5210We love heading to the zoo – it’s fun to see Lennox get excited for all the animals!

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4 thoughts on “Fort Worth Zoo on the 4th of July

  1. Lori

    My children love visiting the zoo. We have never been to the Fort Worth zoo but will be vacation in DFW in October so I think I’ll make plans to visit. Judging by your pictures the zoo looks beautiful!


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