My Very First Girls Weekend Getaway!

I have mentioned many times that I love my neighbors and a group of us have become very good friends. This makes me extremely happy. Not only for my own friendships but also that all our children can be friends and grow up together. The memories they will make with their neighbor friends – I hope they all remember forever. I remember playing w/ the girls in my neighborhood and we had some great times.

As time has gone on, there are 3 of us that stick together and spend a lot of time together. We all just click and have a good time together. We have done girls nights from time to time for dinner, but just for a few hours. So we decided, why not go on a little girls getaway? Not too far from  home, but at overnight! We were going to head to the Gaylord Texan but availability was sparse so I used my travel agent perk and got us a great rate at the Four Seasons Dallas! Four Seasons!! Never ever did I think I would be staying at somewhere as classy as that.


So this past weekend we headed out for our girls getaway and I think all three of us were counting down the hours. Between whiney kids and tantrums, it was time! It was time for Daddy to take over and for Mommy to have a little break.

So we got the Four Seasons and quickly fell in love with it and found out that we had been given a Villa off the 18th hole – awesome!

four-seasons-dallas-east-villasThe room was huge and gorgeous. This was the view off our patio. It was so peaceful and quiet!


Other than the mini-monsoon that happened shortly after getting to the pool, it was fabulous weather and a great time. Thankfully, like all weather in Texas, just wait it out for an hour and it will get back to normal. We went from sunny and beautiful when I took this picture:four-seasons-pool-side To 15 minutes later beginning to thunder, then lightening, then rain, then downpour, then SIDEWAYS rain to omg it’s a monsoon out there to sunny again – all within 60-90 minutes of each other. We didn’t let it ruin our girls weekend though! We just moved the shindig inside for a while!

Anyway, it was a great little getaway and I hope we make it a yearly tradition. It’s so nice to get a break from routine and just go somewhere where you can relax completely.

And of course, the whole time mommy is away… Lennox is FANTASTIC. Like, almost picture perfect. Really Lennox? Really?! I never see her like this! The second I get home? We get whiney. Ugh.

Do you have any great girl getaway traditions?

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4 thoughts on “My Very First Girls Weekend Getaway!

  1. Shaun

    Sounds familiar! Paige does the same.damn.thing.

    I’m glad you had fun! I wish I had an overnight GNO but my BFF and I will just meet up for dinner and drinks.


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