Back in the Day for Our Kids

If your parents talk about back in the day or when they were kids they may talk about Records, Eight Tracks and Black & White Television.

If we start talking about something from back in the day or our childhood – you may talk about VHS, Cassette Taps and Nintendo.

When our children, who are now just toddlers grow up – what will they tell you about? Will it be CDs, DVDs and 3D Video Games? Will it be the Internet, iPhone’s and Facebook? I don’t see how we could even get more technologically advanced, but without a doubt we will.

What brings up this topic? As we try to clean out closets throughout the house and clean out our spare room for a new office, we are coming across an old VHS player, dozens of CDs and even an old video game system. What do we do with these? Although, they never get used anymore and are just taking up space, do we keep them and let Lennox still experience them or we sell the CDs, DVDs and Games online? I’m just not sure. Lennox has been using her little TV with VHS, so hopefully she will remember that. There is just something about having to rewind a movie and it really is way more kid-proof than an expensive Blu-ray disc and player, let me tell ya! We will of course, have to get rid of some of it, because with a little one we just seem to accumulate so much stuff. ALL THE TIME. How does someone so little, have so much stuff?

Either way, its interesting to think about. What will the future of technology and entertainment hold for our little ones, as they grow. What do you think our children will talk about as adults to their own children?

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.

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