Family Friendly Beaches in Chatham {Cape Cod Series}

The number one thing most people do when planning to come to Cape Cod is planning on spending lots of time at the beach! There are many beaches on cape cod, and honestly, most of them are the same, since they are all the same shoreline and only a few miles from each other – but they all have their own unique and fun differences. I have put together what I would consider the best family friendly beaches in Chatham on Cape Cod,

Ridgevale Beach

Ridgevale Beach is probably the very most family friendly beach in town. It has the main ocean side, like any other beach, but it also has a river-ish type area that is great for kids. It never gets too deep, and at low tide, the kids can go out far looking for fish, crabs and other sea creatures. You also don’t have the immediate threat of SHARKS!

ridgevale-chathamridgevale-beachCockle Cove Beach

This beach used to have a river area as well when I was a kid but it has since gone away due to the changes in the beach and water levels. It is not nearly as busy, as it just doesn’t seem to be a beach that as many tourists know about. Close walk from the parking lot, ice cream man shows up, and close to water beach.

cockle-cove-beachHardings Beach

This is one of the largest beaches in Chatham. It can be very crowded but doesn’t feel as packed since there are two parking lots and two sides to the beach. It also is a close walk from the parking lot and it has life guards. This is a good beach for jumping in the waves during the day and fishing in the evening. Keep your eye out for seals!

hardings-beach-chathamMonomoy National Wildlife Refuge on Morris Island

The Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge located in Chatham on Morris Island has been preserved for wild life and the Audubon Society. Although, I haven’t seen many people swimming at this beach, it’s a great beach at low tide as you can walk down the beach looking for animals, sea shells and just having a nice walk along a quiet beach. This is also a beach not as many tourists seem to flock to. We just learned as well that at 7pm nightly, a weather balloon is released, which is a fun thing to see.

monomoy-beachSchoolhouse Pond

Schoolhouse Pond is not the ocean, but it’s still “the beach”. It’s just as it says, a pond. It was one of my favorite spots as a kid. No seaweed, no shells, roped in swimming area. It’s a great beach for the little kids who need a safer swimming area.

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