Chatham Break { Cape Cod Series }

The Chatham Break is what you see when you look down onto the Chatham Lighthouse Beach. The break happened during a bad nor’easter storm back in January of 1987.

Chatham Break Aerial Photograph

Chatham Break – Aerial Shot – Source: Cape Cod Times

The high winds and rough waters of this winter storm caused the Atlantic Ocean to surge through the end of Nauset Beach and broke the land apart at a weak point. The water came rushing through and “broke” through into Chatham Harbor. It now is essentially an ever changing channel between two beaches and to you and me, looks like a group of sandbars that are ever-changing with the weather, tides and erosion.

chatham-break-beach-01Before the break happened, the beach and the Chatham Harbor were protected from most of the rough waters and it was much safer to swim and boat – today, with the break open, it has created a dangerous area for anyone to boat or swim (although, many do at their own risk).

chatham-break-02Every time you take a photo of the Chatham Break, it will look completely different! For quite some time the sandbars that were out on the break were small, along with the beach. Today the beach and the sandbars have gotten quite large.

chatham-break-03The Cape Cod Series {Everything Wicked Cool About Cape Cod!} will continue this week with much more! Keep checking back!

Cape Cod Series - Everything wicked cool about cape cod

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