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A Recap: A Cheap Wireless Plan via Walmart Family Mobile


Last month I shared with you how staying connected all the time is an essential task for my family, as both Kyle and I work full-time and Lennox attends school during the day. We need to stay connected so that we know who is picking up Lennox, what the schedule is and if the school needs to get a hold of us, but the cost can be high to do this (close to $2,000 a year). Walmart Family Mobile offers a unique and simple alternative with their no contract unlimited plans on phone services.

Unlimited Plans with Walmart Family MobileAfter I received the phone, purchased my starter kit in store at Walmart, it was time to activate the phone and give it a go! You do have the option of activating the phone in store, but I decided it would just be easier, and most likely quicker, to just do it at home. So I got home, unboxed the phone, installed the sim card and went online. A few simple steps and the phone was activated and ready to go! Super simple.


Walmart Family Mobile Activation OnlineAs promised in store, the price is $29.88 for unlimited minutes & messaging and no contract. For an additional $10 you add the unlimited web/data and you are at the $39.88 as stated now that it on rollback. Pick your phone model, put in your billing information (no credit card required) and you are done!

Walmart Family Mobile Activation Starter KitNow that I have tried out the service, the phone and the seen how the billing works, it really is as good as they make it sound. The phone is a phone like any other – there are a number of models to choose from and they are affordable. I have been able to use the phone to stay connected to Kyle while picking up Lennox or at work. Lennox has been able to use the phone as well to play games and watch tv shows on while on long car rides!

I have had zero dropped calls, 3G data service and have been able to stay connected at all times. The service is a no-contract service and it really does have unlimited talk, text and data. My first bill came (via a text message first) and I logged into the online account management and information center on Walmart Family Mobile’s website and as promised, the price was correct and low! No hidden fees, no surprises – that made me very happy! I won’t lie, I was a little worried at first!

lennox-approvedSo if you are looking for a low-cost smart phone, make sure to check out Walmart Family Mobile. The Concord phone I tried out and other My Touch devices are all currently on sale via rollback at Walmart. It’s a great way for the on the go family to stay connected and still be frugal!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #cbias and #FamilyMobileSaves. All opinions are 100% my own.

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2 thoughts on “A Recap: A Cheap Wireless Plan via Walmart Family Mobile

  1. Nicole Elliott

    This really is SO cheap it’s crazy!! I love that it’s so inexpensive and that you didn’t find any hidden costs…normally when something is so inexpensive when compared with the competition you always wonder what the catch it going to be!


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