creating a montessori environment at home

Creating a Montessori Environment & Bedroom by Nicole

Thanks to Nicole for guest posting over here today for this edition of Montessori Moments! I finally met Nicole at BlogHer last month and she is great! The tot school she sets up every week for her son, Henry, is amazing too! I wish she could come do all of that for Lennox. Today she is going to share with us how she created a Montessori Environment at home!

creating a montessori environment at homeHi, I’m Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report. I blog about life with my two-year-old son Henry and all the ways I keep one crabby little dude busy through early education {known to my readers as tot school}.

And, guys, I’m obsessed with all things Montessori. Seriously, I love it! A prepared environment, independence building, respecting young children as individuals and following the child’s lead all fit so perfectly in how I want to parent.
Last October, my husband and I bought our first house and we immediately began to incorporate as many Montessori principles as possible into our new space. One of the areas we did this in was in our son’s toddler room. And, I wanted to share a little about why we choose a Montessori toddler bedroom and how you can incorporate a little Montessori into your home.Beyond the fact that I am obsessed with Montessori, we decided a Montessori bedroom was the best fit for us for a couple of reasons. One reason was safety. Henry is active, to say the least. The kid has been walking since he was 9 months old for goodness sake. We needed something that he would be safe to be alone in. With everything low to the ground, I never worry about him alone in his room.Another reason was independence. Henry has a hard time separating from me, so I wanted to give him an environment that was totally for him. Everything is carefully planned to give him maximum control, which I love.

Tips for How to Incorporate Montessori into your Home:

1. Keep it simple, beautiful and orderly. Get rid of the clutter, keep a few things out at one time and rotate things in and out.

2. Make it child sized! Easy thing to do — put the bed on the floor. Hang art at the child’s level — they are the ones looking at it after all.

3. Pick natural materials. We still have plenty of plastic in our house, but where you can pick wood, cloth, glass and metal materials. Many items can be found at thrift stores and re-purposed inexpensively — all it takes is some creativity and time!

4. Loose the bins. Again, pick a few toys or books to put out individually on a shelf. You may be surprised at how much more use toys get this way.

Start with these tips and you will be well on your way to a Montessori home. Want more Montessori ideas? Or easy toddler activities? Come check out The Kavanaugh Report! Or stalk me: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest // Google +

Thanks Heather for letting me guest-post!

Do you love Montessori? Anything tips you would add?

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Montessori Environment & Bedroom by Nicole

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks, it really is quite interesting and a lot of it really is common sense in a way. Keep it simple and work on life skills and independence. I’m so happy we accidentally stumbled into this whole subject!


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