First Day of Primary Montessori

Sunday night we put Lennox to bed as a “little kid”. A little kid, that was crazy, wacky and smart, but still “little” in the sense of her school level. Monday morning, she woke up a “big kid”. Lennox got up excited for school and was ready to conquer the day!

lennox-at-schoolToday however, was a little different back to school day. Today Lennox had her first day in the Primary level at her Montessori school. Primary is a big step up from Pre-Primary that she has been in since she started Montessori school. The Primary level is ages 3-6 and about 20 children, almost double the number of children in her lower level class and much older. She was ready though. She walked in excited and went right up to the teacher to say hi.

She was quiet, but she didn’t cling on to me or cry – so I would call that a success. After calling at lunch time, they told Kyle that she was doing great, like she had already been there for days – not skipping a beat – that’s my girl!

first-day-of-primary-school-collageI can’t wait to share with you everything she learns in the Primary level!

I put together a progress shot of how much Lennox has grown on since her very first day at Montessori school back in November of 2011 when she was only 17 months old. Oh how you have grown little girl!

first-day-of-school-progressionHappy Back to School everyone!

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