Fun Lunch Ideas for Kids

Fun School Lunch Ideas for Kids

Some places in Texas are already back to school and many are about to start any day now all around! Lucky, we don’t have to pack a daily lunch for Lennox (one less thing for me to do!) but sometimes she does get a special lunch. I know many children have to bring lunch everyday, and why not make it special every once in a while?

I compiled a list of some of my favorites via Pinterest (of course) for everyone to try out.

Fun Lunch Ideas for KidsBack to School Fun Lunch Ideas for Kids

(from left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Clouds & Umbrella Sandwich and Apples– This one is my favorite, so cute!
  2. Pencil Sandwich
  3. Phineas & Ferb Sandwich
  4. Wallace & Gromit
  5. Nightmare Before Christmas Sandwich and Veggies
  6. Submarine Sandwich with Fish
  7. Little Bear Pieces Bento Box
  8. Worm in Apple Sandwich with Cute Apple Container Bowls – How cute are those little apple containers? I want to get some of those!

Do you have any creative lunch ideas to share? Simple yet fun is always a nice surprise for school lunches!

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15 thoughts on “Fun School Lunch Ideas for Kids

    1. Heather Post author

      Right now Lennox does get lunch at school but we pack once in a while – when we have to more, or if we have to more often, I think I will do the bento style. I may start doing it for myself too!!

  1. Ashley

    I really like posts like these! I don’t have any kids in school yet, but I get burned out fixing my toddler the same things for lunch. Always great to have ideas to change up our lunch times.

    I pinned this post!

    1. Heather Post author

      They are all so fun! I haven’t introduced Lennox to Wallace and Gromit, I really need to! Cheese sandwich for sure! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi Amy! Lots of cute ideas, thanks to Pinterest of course. What would we do without it? And thanks on the new design, i’m loving it!

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