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Provincetown must be one of my favorite towns on the Cape. I do love my hometown Chatham, but my second favorite place on Cape Cod would have to be Provincetown (P-Town).

Entering Provincetown Cape Cod Sign

The reason being is that it’s so different from the rest of the cape and the drive into town is different from what you see everywhere else on the cape. Heck, everything you see in Provincetown is different!



To give you a little background, Provincetown (also referred to as P-Town) is located on the extreme tip of Cape Cod. It is a very seasonal town with very few year round residence (approximately 3,000). I’m not quite sure what those 3,000 people do the rest of the year after summer is over! This is a town that really shuts down when the tourists leave.


It is a very eclectic town – if you dream it, you can probably find it in some form or fashion in P-Town. Provincetown is the birthplace of Modern American Theatre and a top sea-side destination. Provincetown in a nutshell, is an artsy, beach town with a large Portuguese population, that has become a popular destination for the gay population. Although it use to be much more extreme, it is extremely family (and pet!) friendly.


Of course, you still will see some extreme sights, especially during certain festivals and celebrations, but overall, it is somewhat tame. You will however still see Cher or Barbara Streisand roaming the streets in the late afternoon, telling you all about their shows later that evening! They are pretty Fabulous!

Why is Provincetown important to US History?

Although, we know that the Pilgrims decided to get off the Mayflower and settle in Plymouth they first landed in Provincetown and explored for just under 30 days. They decided it was not the best location to settle and headed straight across the harbor to Plymouth.

What to do in Provincetown

Like all towns on the cape, there a number of beaches to go to, even right along their main shopping street (Commercial Street), an abundance of tourist shops, art galleries and wacky shops, along with some nice restaurants and cafes. If you want lobster, they have the Lobster Pot – this place has been around forever!
provincetown lobster pot restuarantThere are also some historic spots to experience, such as the Pilgrim Monument (you can climb to the top and see a number of cape towns) and MacMillian Wharf.
provincetown-pilgram-monumentYou can also head out on an awesome whale watch! You can read all about our whale watch from last week too.
ptown-whale-watchWhen staying in Provincetown there are a lot of great little Inns and Bed & Breakfasts. All are very unique and all have a different story to tell. Some are even haunted!
provincetown-flagsSo, add P-Town to your MUST SEE list while visiting Cape Cod next time (or for the first time) – you won’t be disappointed! If nothing else, you will have a great day people watching!
ptown-waterfrontRead all of my Cape Cod Blog Series posts and learn about all the wicked cool stuff there is to do on Cape Cod! More coming soon!

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