Our Trip to the Ringling Bros. Dragon Circus

I was lucky enough to win Ringling Bros tickets the other week for the Dallas Ringling Bros Dragons Circus event! I had never been to a circus and Lennox has been asking to go to one, so we were excited to go! In my mind, Ringling Bros is one of the best circus’ in the world. Best show on earth, as they would say!

Our experience at the circus was great. Lennox had a lot of fun and there was a really good variety of entertainment. The show lasted about 2 1/2 hours – which was long but it never felt like it was too long and Lennox stayed entertained almost the whole time. It probably didn’t hurt that we had seats real close to the center ring.

We did have to deal with the PETA protestors before entering the American Airlines Center. I understand that Circus’ don’t have the best rep for their animals and PETA is standing up for the animals but I don’t find it appropriate to be holding up signs of sick or bloody animals and SCREAMING in our faces with our children holding our hand or in our arms. Pass our your flyers and booklets, even have your signs if you really think it makes a difference, but don’t yell at us and tell us we are horrible parents and are raising our children wrongly. We already have our tickets in hand and have given the circus our money – whether we go in or not – I’m sorry but it’s too late to change my mind and I’m glad Lennox is young enough they didn’t scare her. I just didn’t find it appropriate for a children’s event. The animals at the circus looked very healthy – I get they may not have the best living conditions but I’ve been to many zoos that don’t seem much better – so take it for what its worth. To each their own!

Either way, we had a good time and I would recommend checking out the Ringling Bros. Dragon Circus! Here are some photos from our evening:

We arrived to our seats, and Lennox got her baby elephant and was ready for the show to begin! “Where are the animals, where are the animals?

All that waiting made her hungry, better get some cotton candy!lennox-circus-cotton-candy Time for the show to begin: The ringmaster and clowns came out and got everyone ready to go!

The scariest part? The lion/tiger tamer. He was in this round cage with all of these lions and tigers…lions and tigers and bears – OH MY! Ok sorry..

They were very cute BIG cats, but man, he is one brave guy! There was no easy escape for him if one of them decided to attack!ringling-bros-lion-tigers-circusThe iconic elephants came out and did their stunts. I love the elephants. They came out “holding hands” (trunk to tail) it was very cute and there was even a little baby one! They are HUGE and did some cool stuff!ringling-bros-circus-elephantsOh you know, just sitting around!ringling-bros-elephants-sittingAt the end of the show, the Dragon appears breathing fire and smoke!ringling-bros-dragonsWe had a great time and Lennox has asked almost daily if we can go back again! Maybe next year!lennox-heather-circusHave you been to a Ringling Bros Circus?

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5 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Ringling Bros. Dragon Circus

  1. Diana

    I think I went to the circus once when I was really little. I barely remember it but it was a big deal because it came to our super small, dairy farming area. I just want to go up to the elephants and cuddle! haha


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