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A special thanks to Jayne for guest posting today! Enjoy her post about turning 30 and what that means to her! I will be turning Thursday at the beginning of next year – wow! 30!

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Hi All!  I’m Jayne from The Naptown Organizer and a lucky friend of the lovely Miss Heather!  While she’s relaxing in the amazing world of vacations, I’ll be thinking jealous thoughts – ahem I mean filling in for a post over here on Terrell Family Fun.

{But really, I’m going to be envisioning myself on a beach with a fruity drink the whole time, mmmkay?  Okay.}

Speaking of envisioning myself, though, reminds me of one small fact.  Very soon, I will no longer have to envision myself in my 30’s.  That’s right.  In just a few short days I turn the ripe old age of thirty.

While most of me {especially the parts that work in healthcare and see 100+ year old clients daily} feels that thirty is still ridiculously young, a small piece of me feels somewhat differently.  I mean – thirty.  That means I’m no longer young and wild and free.

Turning thirty
Like here.
Turning thirty
Or very obviously here.

Not that I have been any of those things recently.

Having a husband, a son, a daughter, a home, and a job – all of those things have made me an adult for quite some time.  I no longer go out to fancy dinners, trendy bars, or have the latest fashions. Even when I do look somewhat fashionable, I’m often covered in spit up.  I don’t typically drink alcohol and when I do one drink makes me feel all tingly and sleepy.  Whenever I stay up late at night, it’s nursing a baby and not running the streets with friends who have pink hair or wear spike heels.  Or – you know – penis headbands.

But the rollover in age from 29 to 31 seems almost momentous, almost like a turning of the tides – signifying that I officially have become an adult.

In some ways, though, turning thirty is like a badge of honor.  I no longer have to spend time “finding myself” because at this point I already know.  I don’t have to pretend I like obscure bands to fit in or know the latest single that is out – in my house lately we’re all about the A,B,C’s and Mr. Golden Sun. I don’t have to learn all about different wines just to impress my peers and feel older – I’m already older and as a mom on a budget my only imperative is that it’s cheap, since I’m often too tired to even drink it.  And I don’t have to run to the gym a million times a week to look like an Abercrombie model – because I’m a mom, and the extra pounds that came with that title are less important than almost anything else in my life right now.

In the end, as my 30th birthday comes closer and closer, the only emotions I’m left with are feelings of being thankful for what I have in my life and happiness at where the past 29 years have taken me as they’ve all led to this point.  In my wild and crazy life now, I’m guessing my birthday will include the following details: being sung to by my two year old, snuggles with my sweet baby, a simple card from my husband, maybe a sweet treat, and an early night into bed.

Turning thirty
Our little family of four – Little Lady was still an inside baby in this picture!

And – at this point – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to read further about Jayne’s trek through parenting, any & everything granola, and a life more organized, you can find her at the following places:

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