Whale Watch Adventures { Cape Cod Series }

Cape Cod Whale WatchWe headed off to Provincetown – the northern most tip of Cape Cod this past weekend for a Whale Watch on the Dolphin Fleet. The Dolphin Fleet is hands down the best whale watch to go on, on Cape Cod. It’s the original and the best! Not only do they bring you out to find whales, they teach you a lot about whales, the eco-system in which they live and the cape waters in general. For someone who may not have had something like, Marine Biology in school (like I did), there is a lot to learn!

whale-watch-provincetown-05The whale watches leaving from Provincetown and even Boston, head towards the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Stellwagen Bank is an underwater plateau at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, formed by the same processes that formed outer Cape Cod. As the ice sheets of the last Great Ice Age retreated, they left behind sand, gravel and rock. At one point in time (perhaps 12,000 years ago), Stellwagen Bank was actually above sea level, but as sea level rose and the glaciers continued to melt, the bank gradually submerged beneath the sea. – http://stellwagen.noaa.gov

whale-watch-provincetown-0wThey have preserved and protected this area for the animals and eco-system. The importance of protecting the Whales is great because they are some of the oldest animals in the world, as well as an endangered species. Before you see them, you know they are big, but you don’t realize just how big, fast and beautiful they really are. They can go over 20 knots in speed and can be over 90 feet long.

whale-watch-provincetown-01Going on a whale watch is one of my top recommended things to do while on the cape and as long as you see some, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are some more photos I captured while on the trip. I love these two of Lennox and Kyle. I was able to sneak a photo from down the side of the boat without them knowing!

lennox-kyle-whale-watch-sittingPure happiness from Lennox in this photo!lennox-kyle-whale-watchWhile on the whale watch, they also point out all the birds that live on the ocean as well – there are many that never come to land. ptown-whalewatch-birds I love all these shots of their tails – it doesn’t even begin to show the size of these amazing creatures though!whale-watch-provincetown-03 This one was swimming along the side of the boat with us – his name is Phillip!whale-watch-provincetown-06Watching them blow the air out of their blowhole is the first sign usually when looking for a whale! whale-watch-provincetown-07And this was actually from a whale watch we took a few years ago, same fleet and time of year this was a humpback whale feeding at the surface. The birds were going crazy as it stirred everything up!past-whale-watchSo make sure if you head to Cape Cod, or even Boston to make sure you get on a whale watch and head for the Stellwagen Bank to see these HUGE sea creatures!

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5 thoughts on “Whale Watch Adventures { Cape Cod Series }

    1. Heather Post author

      Yes, the summer months are the best months for whales on Cape Cod — Although, we have whale watches pretty much all year – the ones I’ve gone to in the summer are by far the best! Have you gone on a whale watch while in Maui?

    1. Heather Post author

      If you get the chance, do it! I have gone in the winter, and you don’t see as much – summer is the best for the cape – but everywhere is different! They are amazing creatures.

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