What I Thought of the BlogHer13 Sessions…

So, as I stated the other day – I had a great time at BlogHer13. No, really – It was fantastic! I can’t wait to go again next year (if they would ever announce the location!). I had a great time meeting new and existing friends and building on those friendships.

One thing that I was somewhat disappointed in were the sessions. It actually wasn’t the lack of sessions or even the lack of good sessions, but the way they were scheduled and the number of sessions you could really attend. The way BlogHer has the meals, keynotes, etc… it makes it so that you really can only attend a few sessions.

With the number of sessions you can attend in a day being limited, it’s unfortunate when you pick a session, that you think sounds perfect for you and you get there and find out it is way too basic or poorly described. If I attend a session that is supposed to be advanced, then I expect advanced — the same with beginner. It’s not that information is bad, it’s that the naming and description of the sessions were incorrect. This was the case for me for a few different sessions.

Thankfully, I was able to jump around a bit – but I still wish I had been able to get to more sessions. I would have happily skipped all the lunch and breakfast keynotes (except for Ree Drummond!) and attended some sessions instead. I found myself skipping out after a bit, on those keynotes anyways and heading to the Expo. I guess this is just a different between BlogHer and other large conferences I have been to (namely SXSW).

Thankfully, there were still a number of good sessions that I went to and I did learn some new tips and tricks. A few of my favorites were:

– Making the Most of Pinterest and Facebook
– Room of Your Own: Is Your Blog Holding You Back?

– DSLR Debrief


So although I did learn some tips and tricks, I think I’ll be thinking a little more next year on if I should get the Expo/Party Pass only or if I should get the full conference pass.

What did you think of the sessions? Even without a TON of great sessions, I still left feeling re-motivated and eager to get going again!

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3 thoughts on “What I Thought of the BlogHer13 Sessions…

    1. Heather

      Shannon – we learned about some best practices with Pinterest. How to use keywords correctly within pins, how to set up our profile and boards better. A few other things – I need to go back through my notes! Maybe I’ll write a quick post for everyone.


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