What We’ve Been Up To {via Instagram}

The weekend went by way too fast – and we had plenty to do before we head on vacation in just a few short days (yay!) The last week seems like it dragged on, but it also has flown by. Steph over at A Grande Life has a new link up for What We’ve Been Up To via Instagram, so here is a snapshot of the last few days!


From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Princess Merida – Lennox got to meet her at school this past week! She surprised all the kids and showed up in the gym. They got to speak with her and get her autograph. I wish I could have seen their reaction when she walked in! How much fun! PS: That is her real hair – jealous!

2. Keep Looking Up, ‘Cause That’s Where It All Is – If you aren’t from this area, you probably don’t know what this is all about. It was said by Kidd Kraddick, a famous radio personality here in the Dallas area, who was now nationally syndicated and on the air for over 20 years on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, morning show. He suddenly passed away at his charity event last weekend. He was only in his 50’s. It was a shock for all his listeners and his co-stars all went on air to talk about him — it was a sad day on the radio, that’s for sure!

3. It’s been melt your face off hot here in Texas so we’ve been enjoying some evening pool time in the front yard with our next door neighbor friends! Sometimes I want to just lay in that pool with them to try and cool off! The water that comes out of the hose isn’t even cold though!

4. My #SweetSuite13 swag box came and it was pretty awesome!! I have put it away for Christmas for both Henry and Lennox. I think we’ll have some happy campers! More on this soon!


5. Since its been hot and I had to get Lennox out of the house for a while (so dad could do homework!) so we decided to get sno-cones. So hot, they melt so fast – so we drank our sno-cones!

6. Kyle got a new job!! So we had to go to the mall and do some clothes shopping for him – I promised Lennox if she was a good girl the whole time she could ride the merry-go-round! She was good so we let her go. She loves riding the horses!

7. Henry turned 3 the other week and Sunday was his birthday party! He had a spray park birthday too and they had a blast! Lennox loved checking out the “water bubble!”

8. On Wednesday we headed to the Ringling Bros. Circus in Dallas (more on this soon) – This was Lennox’s excited face as we waited for the show to start… oh and her $14 Hat (+ it came with cotton candy). Oh boy.

So grab your photos from instagram and link up with Steph over at A Grande Life!

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3 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To {via Instagram}

  1. Skye

    It’s going to be so great to look back on these posts when your kids are grown, the slices of day to day life that were usually too expensive to record before digital photography!


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