A day trip to martha's vineyard cape cod

Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard {Cape Cod Series}

When you head to Cape Cod, you think of the mainland, but some of the best spots can be found on the Islands… Cape and Islands as some will say! Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are very unique from the rest of the cape and from each other. Martha’s Vineyard is somewhere I have been countless times in my life thanks to the fact that my parents best friends live on the island. I remember going over multiple times a year as a kid. Now as an adult, we always make time to head over to Martha’s Vineyard for a day trip. It really is the perfect day trip from the cape. The boat ride is only 45 minutes and gets you right into town.

To get over to Martha’s Vineyard, the Steamship Authority is the way to go. You will have the choice of going into Oaks Bluff or Vineyard Haven. Oaks Bluff is much more of a tourist-attraction city, so if you want to get off the ship and immediately have something to do, Oaks Bluff is your best bet! Here is what you will see as you get to the dock in Oaks Bluff, MV.

IMG_6419And when you get off the boat, you will see this big park in the town center. It will be the greenest grass you have ever seen, but you don’t want to know why!

A day trip to martha's vineyard cape codThe quaint seaside island town has some great things to do, from gift shops to historic sites to great restaurants and even the best ice cream around!

flying-horses-oaks-bluffLearn more about my favorite attraction, The Flying Horse, the Oldest Carousel in America and all about some fabulous Ice Cream from Mad Martha’s!


Martha’s Vineyard, Oaks Bluff, Gingerbread Cottages

One spot in Oaks Bluff that is a must see is walking through the Gingerbread cottage village. There are over 300 Gingerbread style cottages that were built in the mid 1800’s and used as a Methodist camp for retreats.

marthas-vineyard-gingerbread-houses3 Martha's Vineyard Gingerbread CottagesThe gingerbread cottages in Oaks Bluff are now no longer affiliated with any religious group and the cottages are owned privately, usually passed on from generation to generation. Some of the cottages could use some work but many of them are kept up very nicely and have some unique traits. Some of the houses make sure everything down to the flowers along the walk way match the rest of the home decor. Martha's Vineyard Gingerbread CottagesThey are so quaint and cute to walk around. Although there are roads that run through the community it is very quiet and somewhat fairytale like. Martha's Vineyard Gingerbread Cottages

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

We tend not to stay in Oaks Bluff when we head to Martha’s Vineyard. Our friends and favorite area on the island is Edgartown. Oaks Bluff is the most Touristy, where as Edgartown is the most upscale and has the finest shops. Edgar is set along the water of course and you can find some of the largest yachts you have ever seen. You may even spot our president!marthas-vineyard-yachtsDown by the water you will also find a whale’s tail which is fun for kids to check out! Here is Lennox with our friend and grandma!

IMG_6611Before it’s time to head back (we usually leave from Vineyard Haven out of convenience) make sure to check out the Black Dog and the Black Dog Tall Ship. You can get a perfect view of it from the top deck of the steamship before heading back to the mainland. IMG_6624There are some great sites to see while on the 45 minute steamship ride back to the mainland of Cape Cod to Woods Hole, such as lighthouses like this one:

IMG_6410 And of course, Lennox had a lot of fun on the boat. As a kid, I remember the boat ride being so much fun!IMG_6718Martha’s Vineyard is one of the must see places while going to Cape Cod, especially if you are looking for the perfect day trip and a little local island flare!

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