A little bit (or a lot) of Lovering!

Last week while I was packing up my desk and cabinet at work – no I don’t have a new job, we are just moving office buildings – I came across some “old”-ish photos. I would describe them as pre-lennox photos. You know, photos of OTHER people’s kids! That doesn’t happen much anymore – all Lennox, all the time!

I came across a picture of my cousin, Lydia. She was the cutest little thing when she was born and I got to see her a lot. Once I went away to college and then moved to Texas, I barely see her anymore. But in the past, some family has told me that Lennox looks a lot like her. So when I found this picture of Lydia, I now see what they are talking about! In this photo, she is probably between 3 – 4 years old, just like Lennox now.

lydia-photoHere is Lennox and Lydia a year ago, as well:

lennox-lydia-weddingUsually everyone else is saying how much Lennox is a little clone of Kyle, and she really is – especially personality wise. But it was nice to see that she does in deed have some Lovering in her!

lennox-comparisonWhat do you think?

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