Fall Themed Childrens Books

Fall Themed Children’s Books

Fall is arriving, well it is in most places. Here in Texas it still is hot as ever; around 100 degrees everyday. I just can’t wait for Fall to finally hit down here. But nonetheless, fall is upon us and I wanted to get a list of books together to share with everyone. All of these books are great for fall and to help teach our little ones about the season! I think I will be heading to the library this week to grab some for Lennox!

Fall Themed Childrens Books

  1. Fall Weather: Cooler Temperatures
  2. Fall Harvests: Bringing in Food
  3. Animals in Fall: Preparing for Winter
  4. Fall Mixed Up
  5. Let It Fall
  6. Why Do Leaves Change Color?
  7. Little Critter: The Fall Festival
  8. A Is for Autumn
  9. Clifford’s First Autumn

Do you have a fall / autumn themed children’s book that you would recommend?

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