self serve kid snacks on the go

Self Serve Healthy Kid Snacks

Kid snacks and toddler snacks being handy and at their level is what I’m talking about today. Lennox loves to get her own snack and I always find her digging around the pantry to get something to eat in the morning, after school – all the time it seems. I don’t mind her snacking throughout the day, but she tends to pick out a lot of junk.

self serve kid snacks on the goSo when I went shopping the yesterday, I grabbed our normal fruits and veggies that I usually have in the fridge – but this time I planned on getting them all ready for Lennox before snack time.

I decided to clear out the bottom drawer of our fridge and place all her cold snacks in there. She can open the fridge and get into that drawer on her own. Everything in there will be pretty healthy and individually packaged.

self-serve-kid-snacks-in-fridgeI thought about buying all the small packages of everything but really its more economical to just buy it in the regular packages and split it up yourself. I bought Grapes, apple slices, banana cheese, cherry tomatoes (her favorite) and yogurt. Once I got home, I took the snack size ziplock bags (perfect for this, and cheap!) and separated everything out. I got everything into the bottom drawer and showed her.

grab-and-go-kid-snack-packsThis morning, it was a success. She picked out a banana, cheese and grapes to eat in the car on the way to school. No fruit snacks, not cookies, no candy — all which she would find in the pantry!

grab-and-go-kid-snacksMy next step will be cleaning out the pantry and making the bottom shelf of the pantry – kid friendly, as well.

What are you favorite “dry foods” type of snacks for your kids?

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14 thoughts on “Self Serve Healthy Kid Snacks

    1. Heather Post author

      I had been meaning to do it for a long time, i’m glad I did! I know it will be a waste of baggies – maybe i’ll get small containers at some point – but honestly, the baggies are so easy!

  1. Jamie

    I have been doing this for a while and it works great for us!! My girls are 8 and 3 and they love it! One question, how do u get the apples to not turn brown??

    1. Heather Post author

      I love it! I actually buy pre-sliced apples as I haven’t found a way that works to not keep them brown. I think you have to put a lot of lemon juice on them. The pre-sliced ones don’t turn brown easily!

  2. Jane

    The ‘Elstar’ variety of apple is recommended for children here in the Netherlands as, once cut, they do not turn brown.


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