Awesome Deals from Just Between Friends

Friday night was one of my favorite nights of the season – it was Just Between Friends shopping night! I love going to Just Between Friends Fort Worth. I am able to buy pretty much anything I want (a shopping spree if you will) and even though, it’s all for Lennox – I love shopping for her and finding a good deal! This fall sale did not disappoint. I spent more this time than I have in the past, but I got a lot more items. I got more clothes actually than toys this time – but I found some great clothes and I find that the larger the size you need, the more expensive it does get. I’m really happy though with my finds!

justbetweenfriends-fort-worth-fall-2013I apologize ahead of time for all the photos – I wanted to take a picture of everything I got, so it’s a little picture heavy but so many great deals at Just Between Friends! Here is a sneak peek of how it looked at the end of the drop-off time before the sale started. SO MUCH STUFF!
just-between-friends-fort-worth-fall-2013On to the deals! My number one (and two) deal this time around were actually some of the cheapest things I purchased, without even knowing what they were exactly.

I purchased a lot of shoes, but these two pairs were very different and cute. The Lelli Kelly shoes were 97% off! NINETY SEVEN! They originally $60 and I paid $2! And then the Morgan & Milo orange shoes were $4 and originally $50 – that’s 92% off!

boutique-shoesHere are all the other shoes I got too. Check out those converse and the pink cowgirl boots!

shoesI was able to find a few things for Lennox’s big girl room too! The vanity in this picture will be from Grandma & Papa (my parents) for Lennox. It was a great deal too – Usually $150, I paid $30! I also found that cute lamp to go on her new dresser and a princess sign for the wall or over her door.

big-girl-roomToys. I got some of the items on our Christmas list for Lennox and some toys for her Great Grandma to give to her (she asked!). In this picture is 5 puzzles, LeapFrog ABC thing, Crayola Color Wonder Musical Pad, Stamp Set, 2 bags of Barbies, Melissa & Doug sticker pad and 2 coloring pads. Also – 2 sets of gloves with matching hats for the winter!

toysOther than toys and “equipment” the rest was clothes… lots of clothes! First, Halloween is around the corner and although we have to make Lennox’s costume (more on that later), it was a good time to pick up some more dress up clothes – Tinkerbell and Ariel for under $10 total!

dressupI found 2 Christmas dresses (under $10 total). I love the polka dot one – I think that will be the one she wears in our family Christmas photo!

christmas-dressesWe can’t get into the fall/winter season without some new pajamas and footie pajamas at that. I just love pajamas! I got 7 pajamas (4 footies, 1 two-piece and 2 nightgowns). All for $3 each and in GREAT condition! By the way, 4T footie pajamas look SO big!

pajamasThen we got to the jackets. You really never know what a winter is going to be like here in Texas so the key is having lots of different weight jackets! I love the brown plaid one and the Gymboree jean jacket w/ belt for $5!

jacketsJeans – we all need jeans! The front ones w/ the flowers on them have the cutest little butt! There is a big purple flower that is hiding in the pocket.

jeansI found a few full outfits for $3 / $4 each as well as some tops w/ skirts. All are very different from what she has now – glad I didn’t stick with the normal stuff!

tops-outfitsDresses – dresses are an essential in Lennox’s closet. In a way they are so much easier to throw on and I know they will fit for quite some time because you can always add leggings under them. So I found 6 casual dresses.

dressesI love all of these cardigans and sweaters – The middle two especially! Very different and more “big kid” than baby looking now! Oh and the left two, still have the tags on! Perfect!

cardigansUniforms are something I’m always looking for too. If Lennox has to wear navy every single day, then I try to mix it up a little bit. My favorite is the Ralph Lauren Polo dress on the right. How cute is that sweater dress. I think it’s going to look so cute w/ some winter tights under it. Now it just has to get cold because it’s still 110 degrees here!

uniformsSo those are my awesome deals. I know, I got — A LOT! but now Lennox has all her clothes for the fall and winter and she had NONE since she has grown so much. I did also get 5 or 6 other plain shirts/sweaters/jeans for Lennox’s Mimi to work with. She will decorate them for the holidays! I also got Lennox a ZhuZhu pet town – all the pieces plus some hamsters i a big Rubbermaid box for $12 – what a deal! She will love it for her Zhu Zhu pets our neighbor got. That and all the other toys will be set aside for Christmas.

So have you been to a Just Between Friends sale? What is the best deal you have ever found? And how much do you think my total bill was?

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Deals from Just Between Friends

  1. Shaun

    Paige has those same owl pjs and we LOVE them!

    Our large consignment sale is this Saturday and I’m hoping we get the chance to stop by 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I love everything I purchased! I did so great this sale and I still have the 50% sale left to see if I find any super great treasures for CHEAP! Thanks for another awesome sale Joanie!


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