television shows of an 80s kid

TV Show Flashback

Last week, I was talking to a friend about TV shows we loved as a kid. I could name off tons of shows that I watched but there are a few that stick in my mind. I didn’t always watch them as much as some – but I still remember them clearly and love them! I pulled together the intro videos for each of them to jog your memory!

television shows of an 80s kid

Here are my Top 5 shows from an 80’s kid!

Small Wonder:

Small Wonder was the show about a family whose father had created a robot daughter, Vicki. She stayed in the closet at night and then acted as the daughter during the day. How creepy, huh?

Today’s Special!:

Today’s Special is one I don’t even know anyone who watched it. It took me years to finally figure out what show I was thinking of. No one had heard of it – but we finally found it on YouTube one day. It was a show where after closing hours, the store mannequin came to life. Again… Creepy?

Full House:

Full House — Who doesn’t know Full House? I loved Uncle Jessie, Uncle Joey, Michelle “You Got It Dude!”, Stephanie “How Rude!” and DJ. I think I have seen every single episode, at least 10 times. My favorite episode was the one when they got to go to the Beach Boys concert!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark was part of SNICK. Saturday night Nickelodeon programming. I was a total Nickelodeon kid – I loved it! Watching the intro to this show makes me realize it really was probably quiet scary/creepy. I remember one of my best friends, not being able to watch all of it because it was too scary. I want to find a full episode and watch it now to see if it’s very scary!

Hey, Dude!

Hey, Dude was maybe a sign that I was going to end up in the south? It was show based on a ranch and it really was just the stories of the kid’s who were working there.

I also asked Kyle what his #1 show as a kid was, and to my surprise it was Saved By the Bell. Also, one of my favorites. I would relate it to the Friends sitcom for kids. It followed their everyday life and what they went through in High School and College. It seemed so cool – remember Zack Morris’ cell phone??

Saved by the Bell

What was your favorite show growing up?

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