Montessori Moments - Moving up to Primary

Montessori Moments: The Move Up To Primary

I have mentioned before that Lennox would be transitioning up to the next level of Montessori school this fall. She was out of school for 2 1/2 weeks while we headed to Cape Cod and I expected she would transition in once we returned. She did do that, but there was no transition, we just started with Primary and never looked back.

first-day-of-primaryThe transition to primary Montessori level has gone surprisingly well. From what I have been told from her teacher and the director, she is doing great and was obviously very ready to move up.She is acting like she has been in that area all along. It was such a relief to hear this. I knew she would do good, but I thought there would be some issues with transitioning. Crying in the morning, clinging on to me, exhaustion, potty accidents, the whole deal. But there hasn’t been. The second week, we had a little bit of a clinging in the morning, but nothing that lasted more than the 10 seconds it took for me to walk away and into the lobby to check the monitor! No accidents either! I figured if she was going to have one, now would be the time. What a big girl!

So now that she is in Primary, I can’t wait to see everything that she learns. The biggest change at this level is the mixed age group she is with. I wrote about the mixed ages in Montessori classes before, but this one is the biggest. Her classroom went from 12 18 month-3 year old kids, to around 20 children ages 3 years – 6 years. 3 – 6 is a big gap! Of course the 5 and 6-year-old kids look larger, they really don’t act that much different. The younger kids jump right in and start to learn all the areas they are learning too. It will take longer and they have to learn some basic skills, such as reading, but they still try to do everything the big kids do.

The room is set up similar, but with A LOT more things to do and many more advanced “works”. Here is a sneak peek of what her Montessori Classroom looks like now:
Montessori Moments - Moving up to PrimaryI know her schedule is much more involved now; leaving the room a few times a day for recess, Spanish, art, science, etc (depending on the day). I think all of this is great for her development.

As far as how the day is really going and what exactly they will be working on, I won’t know all those details until next week when we have our Meet the Teacher & A Silent Journey nights. I can’t wait to share that information with you, once I talk more with the teacher and experience what Lennox experiences (A Silent Journey).

Stay tuned as I learn more of what Lennox is learning – I hope to be sharing all about this journey with you!

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