A Quick Getaway & Weekend Recap

As I mentioned on Friday, our six-year wedding anniversary was this past weekend. We had a great time getting away for 24 hours and having some time to ourselves without Lennox. We love doing things with Lennox of course, but sometimes we just need a little break – like everyone else!

We had planned on heading to the Texas State Fair but the traffic was crazy and it just wasn’t worth it so we spent the day in Dallas.

anniversary-weekend-recapHere is a little photo recap of our weekend!

  1. Kyle got me a Michael Kors purse as an Anniversary gift! I love it! First Michael Kors bag 🙂 He has pretty good taste!
  2. I got Kyle Pearl Jam concert tickets. I think he was pretty surprised – he’s a big fan but didn’t know they were going to be in town next month!
  3. After dropping Lennox off at my sister’s house for the day/night – we headed to Dallas for Brunch/Lunch before doing some shopping. Toasting to our 6 year anniversary with a yummy Mimosa at Breadwinners.
  4. For dinner we went to Lawry’s and this was our Fantasy chocolate cake. It was AMAZING and HUGE! We had more than half to bring home, and still have more after having seconds!
  5. The only anniversary picture of us that we got – oops! Double selfy.
  6. Sometimes we seem really old – instead of going out after our late dinner – we decided to head back to our hotel in Dallas and enjoy the fact that we don’t have to listen to the baby monitor or get woken up early by Lennox. We watched the end of the Red Sox game – GO RED SOX, we’re off to the World Series!
  7. After picking up Lennox – we brought home her decorated Pumpkin that she did with her cousin Henry. It’s very…unique! I think its Tom Landry inspired too – check out the hat!
  8. A little walk with Lennox and Daisy was in order – Daisy looks crazy.
  9. And finally, some outside playtime after nap with her friend Caroline and her new Ziggle Radio Flyer! Zingle Zaggle as she would say.

Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone – here’s to many many more anniversary celebrations!

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