A Quick Visit to Gruene Texas

Gruene has been described to me a don’t miss town in Texas. So when we are right down the street we headed over there for dinner. After reading a little more, I learned that Gruene is actually a small town that resides within the New Braunfels city limits.

gruene-texasAlso a German town, Gruene was founded by Ernst Gruene (an immigrant from Germany) who was looking for more acreage than what was available in New Braunfels in the 1840’s. Gruene was just down the river and a town started to form.

gruene-at-nightIn the short time we were in Gruene, it seems to be known for 3 things; Gruene Music Hall, Gristmill River Restaurant and the Gruene water tower – conveniently all next to each other in their small town square area.

gruene-water-towerThe Gruene Music Hall was lively when we walked by on the way to dinner. Although, children are more than welcome – it was getting late for Lennox so we didn’t stay. It is the traditional honky tonk for Texas.

greune-hall-texasThe Gruene music hall is Texas’ oldest continuously operated dance hall. Looks like a lot of fun!

gruene-music-hall-at-nightThe Gristmill was recommended to us by SO many people, so we knew we had to check it out – and boy was it good! The setting is beautiful and just a picture perfect spot for a family dinner or date night!

dinner-at-gristmill-gruene-texasIt is actually built out of an old 1870’s cotton gin, just next to the Gruene water tower and looking over the Guadalupe river.

gruene-cotton-millSo if you are in the area of New Braunfels, make sure to at least drive through Gruene and soak up some history, honky tonk music and grab a bite to eat in an old cotton mill!

gristmill-restaurantTo read more about our trip to New Braunfels, make sure to check out all my posts this week or click the graphic below!

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8 thoughts on “A Quick Visit to Gruene Texas

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! The “old” buildings aren’t that old compared to other places in the country but for Texas they are old! It was a fun little town!

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