Halloween is just around the corner – as it gets closer – I still have a lot of things left I want to do with Lennox. I have some crafts planned after school to send and share with family members across the country, some more pumpkins to carve (about four actually!!), a pumpkin patch to visit with Grandma and of course Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night.

This weekend Lennox even got to bake pumpkin pies and decorate pumpkins with her Aunty Mandy & Cousin Henry! I love all the fun Halloween activities we get to do as a family! They create some fun family moments that I hope she will remember as she grows up.

pumpkin-party-cousinsAll of these activities are fun, but in between all of that, we need to have some good Halloween snacks! One of Lennox’s favorite snacks so far has been JELL-O JIGGLERS!

Remember Bill Cosby and all the “J-E-L-L-O” commercials as a kid? And then the JELL-O JIGGLERS commercials too? The “new” way to eat JELL-O with your hands!

They remind me of when I was little! I love that JELL-O JIGGLERS have made a comeback. The molds make it so easy to do at home with kids.

halloween-jello-jigglers-mold-kitFor Halloween, they have some fun Halloween molds available. I grabbed a few mold sets and Lennox and I made JELL-O Halloween Jigglers. They are super easy to make and they actually come out looking like something. They are easier than the cookie cutter way. As they pop right out of the molds and have more detail to them. They are the perfect size for a kid too – they can eat them with their fingers and you can make them in a variety of flavors!

Here is what ours looked like:

halloween-jello-jigglersLennox decided to try out a pumpkin and a skull first! She didn’t dare eat the spider though! Remember what Lennox thinks about spiders?

lennox-jello-jigglersThere are a number of other creative and fun JELL-O JIGGLERS recipes available on the JELL-O website, which can try out too for a Halloween kid’s party or school event! My favorite would have to be the JELL-O Monsters! So if you are looking for a fun snack idea for the Halloween – Don’t forget about JELL-O JIGGLERS!

What Halloween (or any holiday) treats have you made with JELL-O?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween JELL-O JIGGLERS

    1. Heather Post author

      It was fun and easy. I was a little nervous they weren’t going to come out looking like anything – but it worked well as long as you follow the directions! I did find that you have to peel the mold out a little – but the JELL-O is so thick, it didn’t break apart!


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