Is This Normal?

So I have a question for all my readers who have a 3 – 4 year old. Lennox is all of a sudden interested in telling me about things are dead or dying, or pretending to die. It’s all in a good nature – but its a weird turn in her stories. I don’t think she really understands what it means – since its always in a playful nature – but its WEIRD!

Today on the way to school – she told me that there were people walking in the road (there were no people around), a car hit them and they died, then the tow truck came and got the car and fixed it and it was now all better…. WHAT?!

Or she pretended to be dead this morning when she didn’t want to do something… and then said NOOOO! I’m just sleeping silly!

It’s all silly – but its weird to hear her pretend that something is dead or dying. I’m assuming its related to learning about living and non-living things at school or it could be from being around 5 and 6 year old kids at school, playing games…

I’ve started telling her not to say that and that it makes Mommy sad – but I don’t think its making a difference so far.

Anyone else experience this?

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4 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. Shannon

    Totally normal – Owen says weird things like “I’m a gonna cut you…” in a sing songy voice, or will talk about things dying. I think it’s just part of their development and understanding how things work right now. Creepy…but normal!

  2. molly

    Totally normal! Landon has just started asking me about dying/death. I think it has to do with something he saw on tv, unfortunately. But it’s their way of figuring out this big world!

  3. Censie

    I think it is really a normal phase for this age. Jude is obsessed with talking about Heaven, death, and dying. It is a really hard phase for us. I think you have to be honest with your kids though. Jude thinks that death is just a visit to heaven. we have told him that no, it means forever. It is hard. Good luck mama!


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