It’s Almost Time – Big Girl Room Re-Do

A while back I mentioned that I was planning Lennox’s big girl room — well, it still hasn’t happen. We have just been so busy lately, we haven’t had time to get everything together and organized. But I’m hoping to get everything done over the next week or two.

I’m heading to IKEA next week to grab a few things then we should be able to move everything “baby” out and make it her “big girl room”. It seems like we should have done this a while ago but Lennox just loves her crib. She has never tried to get out, she gets right in and loves to be oh so cozy. But honestly, it’s time and I don’t know how much longer I can lift her in and out of a crib!

So this is what we are going to get:

lennoxs-room-ideasThe princess tent is actually a bed canopy, but I am going to hang it from the ceiling and make a reading nook area with blankets and pillows.

We will keep using her crib but with the side taken off as a day bed. I figure this is a good transition from crib to bed and really, she doesn’t need a twin sized bed just yet!

I’m going to get a simple white dresser from IKEA and then still do the Montessori Dresser idea I posted about earlier. The drawers will have pictures of what clothing is in each drawer (shirts, shorts, undies, socks, pajamas, etc). Look for a tutorial on this once I get it complete!

Hopefully Lennox will love her big girl room and will STAY IN BED! I’ll be happy to have the video monitor once she is out of her crib, and getting into all kinds of trouble in her room! I’ll have to keep you all updated!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time – Big Girl Room Re-Do

  1. molly

    Looks like some cute ideas! I’m planning a nursery right now and I don’t even know where to start! I’ve never designed something for a girl!


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