Montessori Follow the Child Night

Last night we had another Montessori event at Lennox’s school. Some parents get sick of all the parent nights at school – honestly – I love them! She spends SO MUCH time there – I just love seeing into her little world more and she has a lot of fun with it too. Last night was Follow the Child night.

montessori follow the child nightThis was just a time where Lennox could show us around her room and show us all the Montessori “works” that she does. I just know she loved it. She did so well too. She really wanted to work on the more advanced works but she hasn’t had lessons on all of them yet.

So we first started with the pink tower – a very traditional Montessori work! She stacks the 10-12 blocks from largest to smallest. She did it perfectly, and then had us do it too. She also showed us all her scissor cutting skills.

montessori tower blocks workThen she sat down with her teacher, Ms. Cortney – who gave her a lesson on Living vs. Non-Living items. There is a stack of cards and she has to separate the items out by living vs. non-living. It was also really nice to see how her teacher helps her and gives her, her individual lesson – just the way she would during the day. They don’t have big group lessons – they are much more one-on-one.

montessori living non-living workLennox did a number of other practical life skills and then it was time to clean up and head out. It was a successful night and we ended the night with an ice cream cone! Next month, we will have our parent observation day – where we will be able to go into class during the normal school day and watch how the classroom environment really is. It will be interesting to see if Lennox will act “normal” or show off for mom and dad!

lennox primary clasroomTo read more about our Montessori journey, check out my Montessori Moments series.

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9 thoughts on “Montessori Follow the Child Night

  1. Shannon

    I think its awesome how the school lets you observe so much daily activity! I always wish that I could be a “fly on the wall” at Jack’s school!

  2. Jana

    Looks like she’s in a really great school. And thank you for saying you care about what your child is doing all day and are happy to attend family nights. It breaks my hearts when parents seem not to care what it is their children are active in.

    1. Heather Post author

      We really do love her school – we are lucky! I know – there were so many students who didn’t show up for the event – maybe only 1/2 the class did – it’s sad. Your child spends SO MUCH of their time there – you should want to be there as much as you can.

  3. Censie

    Jude just did a cutting lesson as he says and he loves it. I really hope we get to do a follow the child night, I would love to see what he is doing every day!


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