Pumpkin Carving

Last night Lennox was able to help us carve pumpkins. My pumpkin — you won’t see featured in this post, as I messed it up and it fell apart ๐Ÿ™ So off to the trash it went! Sometimes the patterns just don’t work out! Sometimes you need to just go back to the classic jack-o-lantern style! Next year, that’s the plan!

BUT! Kyle helped Lennox make the cat pumpkin that she wanted and it turned out well! Lennox was ready to do it – but then when it was finally time to get her hands dirty – she wasn’t quite sure. She didn’t want to get all gunky – so dad did most of the cleaning but either way – she had fun!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Lennox is ready to go – she doesn’t look excited – but she was!


My hair is pulled back, now I’m really ready to go!lennox-waiting-to-carve-pumpkin

Whoa! What’s in that pumpkin Dad!?lennox-checking-out-the-pumpkin

Ok maybe I’ll take a look and see what I think….lennox-carving-a-pumpkin

Ha, just kidding! I’m not putting my hand in that!lennox-pumpkin-carving

I told her to make a scary face and this is what I get… No one is going to be scared of her on Halloween!lennox-pumpkin-carving-funny-faceHelping dad carve her cat pumpkin!pumpkin-carving-with-dad

The final product – pretty good-looking cat!cat-pumpkinJust a quick post, as I wanted to share some pictures from the evening ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s almost Halloween!

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