Wildlife Ranch – African Drive Thru Safari

One more big highlight of our trip down to New Braunfels was going to check out the Wildlife Ranch Safari. Wildlife Ranch Safari is a drive-thru safari experience.

“Meander through 400 acres of rolling hills, creek beds, and magnificent live oak trees and witness the behavior of over 500 animals from 40 exotic, native and endangered animal species worldwide.”

I had heard of these before, but had never experienced one – and you guys? It was AWESOME! I can’t wait to go to another and try it out as well. This one is located about 15-20 minutes from our little cottage in New Braunfels and it is right next to the Natural Bridges (which I hope we get to next time). You pay your admission per person, buy some extra food (I recommend 2 extra bags for a family of 3) and you make your way into the Safari.

wildlife-ranch-safari-new-braunfelsIt took about 1.5 – 2 hours for us to go through and you could make it last longer or shorter depending on how long you want to feed each animal. You drive about 3 miles per hour while in there and stop where you want to. It really is quite surreal to see something like this ahead of you:

wildlife-ranch-drive-thru-safariAll the animals are used to the cars and want the food you are going to give them!

drive-thru-safari-The directions say to throw the food on the ground out of your window – but some of them come right into your car and you have to feed them by hand of they won’t leave!! The kudu was a good example of this. He stuck his head all the way in the car and just stared at us until I fed him some food!

wildlife-ranch-safari-kuduIf you don’t like the idea of this (which it is a little nerve-wracking at first, but then you realize they really are just big deer and they aren’t going to hurt you!) then you can just throw the food out the window and roll your window up some if they are coming towards your car. There were many animals that were too small to get into your window too if you have an SUV. Like this big mama and her little baby! How cute?!

wildlife-ranch-baby-animalThis was one animal that we drove by but was really never interested in coming up to the car and eating. This one is a Sika.

wildlife-ranch-safari-sikaBut then we came to the Buffalo. Well, the buffalo really is a big baby it seems — but according to Kyle… has HORRIBLE breath. How does he know.. well this happened:

wildlife-ranch-safari-buffalo-tongu wildlife-ranch-safari-buffaloAnd this is what Lennox had to say about it….

“Don’t give him too much, okay?” so cute!

wildlife-ranch-safari-texasThen we drove through some empty areas that are being developed for a new addition next year – I wonder what type of animals they are going to get!

texas-drive-thru-safariThe Zebra’s were the big animal I wanted to see up close. This was one animal that you could NOT feed since they have teeth and will bite you. So just keep that in mind! They still stuck their head in though…

wildlife-safari-zebra-windowAnd there was a little baby Zebra that was still fuzzy and so cute!

wildelife-ranch-safari-zebraLennox thought they looked like Marty from Madagascar… Whats crack-a-lackin’!

Then there were the Llamas… Llama Llama books were all I could think of when I saw this dude! They didn’t come up to the car – they were just hanging out in the shade.       wildlife-ranch-safari-llama After we went through the whole safari and saw everything (probably 30 species of animals) we parked and checked out their petting zoo bar, which was full of goats and baby goats. Here is Lennox brushing one of the babies. They were sweet and let you touch them awake or asleep.wildlife-ranch-safari-petting-zoo-baby-goats Lastly we went and checked out the giraffes. Right now they have two baby twins as well – they aren’t in the drive thru area – they have their own area but you can walk up to the fence and see them – just no feeding. This one was checking us out from high above! wildlife-safari-texas-giraffe It was a super fun time. My tips would be to get there EARLY. We got there on a Sunday morning, within an hour or so of opening – there were no lines and we didn’t hit any traffic within the safari itself. Sometimes during the busy times and days – it can be crowded and I would assume, not as enjoyable. Also – if you get there too late in the day – the animals may not be that hungry. My other tip is to buy some extra food for a buck and buy the few dollar program they offer then you have an idea of what you are actually looking at! I believe it was $5. It counted as Lennox’s souvenir too 😉

Check out their website for more information and put this on your Don’t Miss list when in the New Braunfels / San Antonio area!

Disclaimer: We received free admission in return for this post. All opinions, videos and photos are 100% my own.

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  1. Jennifer

    I have pretty much that exact same photo with that zebra. I’ve heard he does that to everyone. It scared me to death when he stuck his big ole head in my window.

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