12 Days of Christmas Toys Count Down to Black Friday

Coming Soon! Holiday Toy Series!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up of what is about to start next week on the blog. I have been working closely with over 10 toy companies to do my first holiday gift guide! But this gift guide will be a little different from the usual – I am calling in the 12 Days of Christmas Toys – The Countdown to Black Friday!

12 Days of Christmas Toys Countdown to Black FridayI know we still have Thanksgiving but Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas season, officially – and Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season – so I thought it was the perfect time to get everyone excited about new and different toys! Some of the toys I will be sharing will not be as mainstream as what you will find a Toys R Us and I hope to give everyone some fun ideas this holiday season!

The best part? Most all of my 12 days of posts will include giveaways so that YOU can win some Christmas Gifts for your family, friends and loved little ones! So make sure you check back, starting Monday for some fun posts!

I will make sure to put a list here of all the different posts once we get going so that you can look in one spot!


  1. Day 1: Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Playsets + Giveaway
  2. Day 2: Hello Kitty Doodle Sketch + Giveaway
  3. Day 3: Neat-Oh! Lunch Boxes
  4. Day 4: Kawaii Crush – Hyper Happy Mall + Giveaway
  5. Day 5: Lincoln Logs
  6. Day 6: K’NEX Beatles Yellow Submarine Building Set
  7. Day 7: Holiday DVDs + Giveaway
  8. Day 8: ?? Check Back Monday 11/25
  9. Day 9: ?? Check Back Tuesday 11/26
  10. Day 10: ?? Check Back Wednesday 11/27
  11. Day 11: ?? Check Back Thursday 11/28
  12. Day 12: ?? Check Back Friday 11/29 BLACK FRIDAY
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