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Countdown to Black Friday: Neat-Oh! Lunch Boxes

Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Toys: Countdown to Black Friday is another fun product line from Neat-Oh! The other day I shared all about their Dinosaur line (which you can win over here) and this is the first Neat-Oh! product that I was introduced to – Lunch Boxes.

12 Days of Christmas Toys GiveawaysYou are probably thinking – lunch boxes? That’s not a toy – but some kids get so excited about bringing lunch to school and Lennox is one of them. She never really brings lunch, as we purchase lunch through the school – but from time to time she will and it is the highlight of her week – so having a fun lunch box to go along with it, is awesome for her!

Neat Oh! Lunch BoxesThese lunch boxes are not your typical lunch box. Each line has functionality that makes these lunch boxes easier for our little ones.

Neat Oh! Picnic Lunch Boxes First (and my favorite), The Picnic Lunch Box & Placemat. This line comes in 6 different themes/animals: cat, dog, pig, cow, zebra, and frog. The exterior fun design is exciting for kids and the inside is functional for more than just storing food! Unzip all the sides and it turns into a placemat – great for at the park, field trips or even just school lunches. We can hope that most of their food actually stays on their placemat – but we know how that goes! The Neat Oh! Denzel Dog Picnic Lunch Box and Placemat is available on amazon for $12.49.

Neat-Oh Go Sport Lunch BoxesThe second is the Go Sport Soccer Lunch Box. This line features different sport themes and are heavy-duty lunch boxes. This has extremely durable materials, which could withstand the wear and tear a kid will put on it while bringing it to school, sport events, camp, etc. The lunchbox has a bottom compartment as well to help reduce foods from getting squished. The Neat-Oh! Go Sport Soccer Lunchbox is available on amazon for $12.99.

Neat-Oh! Blossom Lunch BoxesLastly, The Blossom Bags Lunch Box. This lunch box is great for the little older child, as the design is a little more sophisticated. The material is durable just as the Go Sport Soccer Lunch Box is and unzips for easy cleaning and a small placemat. The Neat-Oh Blossom Bags Lunch Box is available on amazon for $10.99.

Don’t forget to go over to the Day 1 post to win an awesome prize from Neat-Oh!

Disclaimer: I received the products listed above in return for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. This post does contain affiliate links as well.

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