Family Photos in Roanoke Texas

Last month my friend Diana took some pictures of Lennox and I during Texas / OU weekend – I loved how they came out and they were a lot of fun – so I asked her again to take a few shots of us in a nearby town, Roanoke Texas. I wanted to incorproate some Christmas into them without having Christmas in the background. Roanoke is a unique town – still a small Texas town with a revamped historic downtown. It is actually the “Unique Dining Capital of Texas”.

Anyway, I wanted to share the rest of my favorites with everyone! I shared a few the other day when sharing about our outfits.

Here are a few of my favorite “family” poses – thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration 😉

family pics 2I love both of these pictures of Lennox with myself and with Kyle! I love the one on one shots!mom and dad photosWe tried the whole chalkboard thing – Lennox had a hard time concentrating on looking at Diana this time but still  got a few god ones! Love the rock wall as well.the terrellsHere is Lennox reading the Night Before Christmas in her favorite red rocking chair! family photos roanoke txWe visited the local fire station as well – the red doors make for an interest photo opp – we saw about 10 other photographers doing the same thing! I guess its the hot spot in Roanoke for photos!family-holiday-photo-roanoke-tx-This one is a little silly – completely thanks to pinterest – but Lennox’s face is priceless!family photos 3It’s been fun taking some new pictures with Diana – its a joint effort still – as I edited the photos but I look forward to teaching her some of my tips and I don’t mind being the practice family!!DSC_07372013 has been a good year with still plenty of fun to be had! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014!

Thanks Diana!

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