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I haven’t been very good lately with Catching the Moment outside of events – but as the holidays approach – I will have my camera out more for sure! This past weekend, we had Lennox’s Fall Festival at her Montessori school. Lennox had a really good getting to do lots of activities, play with her friends and bring Grandma with her! I was able to capture some of her excited moments when her best friend showed up – She just loves this girl to pieces!

This is when she finally found her! It was a huge hug and then they immediately took off!


They chased each other over the bridge…lennox-running-paxton

Across the rock river…lennox-rock-river

Finally they took a break together…lennox-paxton

And then all her friends joined in… lennox-friends-festivalMoments like this one above, makes me realize just how big she really is! Such a big girl! I’m so glad she has some friends she really loves at school!

Make sure to grab your camera and share some pictures for Sarah’s monthly Catch the Moment link up! Check out my past catch the moment posts as well!

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