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Observing a Montessori Classroom

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go into Lennox’s Montessori classroom and observe for a 1/2 hour. I really had no idea what to expect as far as how Lennox and the other children would act towards me. I knew pretty much what the environment would be like but would Lennox actually be herself and do her work or would she show off?

montessori classroom observationWell – she didn’t really show off, but mostly she was distracted from her work. She kept running over to give me a kiss or looked over to do a little smirk! The rest of the children pretty much ignored me other than saying “hi” as they walked by. So while Lennox wasn’t doing too much work, I observed the other children, the teacher and the environment in general.

The whole time I was in the room, none of the children raised their voices, most of them weren’t even talking. If they were talking, it was just with their neighbor, quietly. Some children chose their work and sat quietly. Other children had mini-lessons from the teacher. I was able to see how the teacher taught, re-directed children if they were interrupting someone else’s work and in general how she interacted with her assistant. Everything was extremely calm and orderly. This wasn’t really surprising, as I knew this is how a Montessori classroom was – but mostly re-assuring that all really does go smoothly in class more of the time.

The most awesome part – other than see how happy Lennox was about me being there – was watching the older children. Some of the older 4’s and young 5’s sat the whole 30 minutes doing the same work. Some did division and multiplication, another did geography, and one did writing. The thought that Lennox will be able to read, write, do multiplication and division by around 4 – 4 1/2 excites me! There is no way, i knew even close to that when I was 4!

montessori-music-classBefore heading out – Lennox was headed off to her music class so i stuck around and watched from behind the glass wall, while she was in the music / dance studio. It’s nice that she gets to leave the classroom for 1 class daily – and I love that she has enrichment classes (Music, Gardening, Spanish, Art & Science).

So another successful Montessori event at Lennox’s school. One more – parent conferences next week — then we will slow down on events until the spring. We’ll see what her teacher has to say! If you want to learn more about our Montessori journey – check out all my Montessori themed posts.

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5 thoughts on “Observing a Montessori Classroom

  1. Arena

    My son just started attending Montessori school this fall. I was unfamiliar with the concepts, but I am now in love with their teaching style. Every day when I go to pick him up, the children are calm and productive. It amazes me how their teacher is able to get 12 toddlers to be productive! So cool that you got to sit in on their class and see how things work.

  2. Kim Lovering

    Love observation time! I think it’s tough for them not to be a little distracted until they are older. At least you didn’t have a 6 year old telling you your kid was the “bad boy of the school.” Ha!


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