Trick or Treating with HawkGirl

On Halloween I revealed Lennox’s DIY Hawkgirl costume, but today I’m sharing pictures from Trick or Treating. We had two Trick or Treating events this Halloween. The day before Halloween we went trick or treating at my work – Lennox always has fun with this, as it isn’t so often that she gets to come to work with me! Henry was of course there too since my sister works for the same company – they had a great time with the candy, games and party!

witch-broom-gamehawkgirl-firemanAlso – There are a few of her classmates that have parents who work where I do, so she got to meet up with them and she was so excited!lennox-friendsAnd then on Halloween evening, we headed out in our neighborhood for some “real” trick or treating! They were troopers and big kids! They hit more neighborhood than they have in the past year and had so much fun. Trick or Treats and Thank You’s were abundant – I was so proud of her!

She, of course, was Hawkgirl and Henry was a Fireman!

cousins-trick-or-treatingLennox wanted Kyle and I to dress up too so although we did not have real costumes we represented the Justice League together – Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and  Wonder Woman!

justice-league-family-halloweenWe took our pictures and then Hawkgirl was READY TO GO!hawkgirl trick or treating  hawkgirl-halloween-costume hawkgirl-kid-costume trick-or-treating The best costumes and sights that we saw this year were not from trick or treaters but those giving out the candy! We saw Mike & Sully from Monsters University and Shrek had a real donkey!!

funny halloween sightsLennox and Henry had a great time this Halloween and I can’t wait to see what they decide to dress up as next year!

And as a quick flashback – here is Lennox through the years!halloween costumes

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